Collezione fotografica Land

Hydra (Greece) Summertime Nikon FE Kodak PXP. Size: 33x45cm (30x42cm…

Twin Towers
New York City; Twin towers 1993 Hasselblad 500 CM Distagon…
Twin Towers Night
New York City;Twin Towers nightime 1993 Hasselblad 500CM Sonnar 150mm…

Maui Island
Maui island (Hawaii)1993; Palms sunset Hasselblad 500CM Distagon 40mm Kodax…
maui island dream beach
Dream Beach Maui
Maui island (Hawaii); dream beach Hasselblad 500CM Sonnar 150mm Kodak…
Smögen (Sweden)
Smögen (Sweden) Canon 5D 22x35cm
stockholm grand hotel
Grand Hotel
Stockholm Grand Hotel 2015 Canon 5D 18x35cm
stockholm stureplan
Stockholm Stureplan
Stockholm Stureplan. 2015 Canon 5D 22x30cm
god our father on the rainbow
God Our Father
Stockholm 2015 God our father on the rainbow. (Fountain) Carl…

Stockholm (Sweden) Orpheus by Carl Milles Canon G12 24x35cm
karlshamn - sweden
Karlshamn Sweden
Karlshamn Sweden 2009 Cold day. Sony digital. 25×30 cm
Halmstad (Sweden)
Halmstad, Sweden
Halmstad (Sweden) Sunny afternoon Canon G12 17x25cm
contemplazione (smogen, sweden)
Smögen Sweden 2015 Contemplazione. Canon 5D 16x35cm
london final words
Final Words
LONDON Final words 2015 Canon 5D 15x25cm
red bus london
Red Bus
LONDON Red bus. March 2011 Sony Digital 12x25cm
mar piccolo taranto
Mar Piccolo (TA)
Taranto mar piccolo (Italy) 14x25cm
trulli lunari martina franca
Trulli Lunari
Martina Franca (Taranto-Italy) Trulli lunari 26x35cm
barsento noci, bari
Barsento Noci
Barsento NOCI (Bari-Italy)2006 Sony digital 21x25cm
estate in locorotondo bari
Estate (Locorotondo)
LOCOROTONDO(Bari-Italy)2013 Estate. Canon 5D 16x30cm
martina franca taranto trulli
Martina Franca
MARTINA FRANCA(Taranto-Italy) SKY and lines Hasselblad 500 CM Sonnar 120mm…
cat in the afternoon, martina franca
Cat – afternoon
Martina Franca (Taranto-Italy)2013 Cat in the afternoon Sony digital 21x25cm
happy people in ostuni (brindisi)
Happy People
Ostuni (Brindisi-Italy) 2013 Happy people. Sony digital 17x25cm
autumn in leporano
Leporano Autumn
Leporano (Italy) 2014 Autumn Canon G12 20x42cm
roma 2019
Roma 2019
Roma 2019 Canon G12 24x30cm
TARANTO (Italy) 2013 Infanzia. Sony digital 24x30cm
flowers of joy
Flowers of Joy
Flowers of joy. 2007 Sony digital 22x30cm
paris musee d'orsay
Almost Afternoon
PARIS (France) 2019 Almost afternoon Canon G12 30x30cm
Marquee club, london
Marquee Club
LONDON Easter 1992 Marquee club. Nikon FE 15x25cm
furniture man firenze
Furniture Man
Firenze 2019 Furniture man. Canon G12 20x30cm